A light-filled, newborn lifestyle session with Perth newborn photographer, Sarah Ross

As mums, balancing all these different hats we wear without constantly feeling like we're drowning can sometimes seem impossible. Especially in those early days where everything baby is on repeat!

But the magic of motherhood sneaks up on you in the middle of those mundane, repetitive moments. It gives you the lift you need... usually when you need it the most.

It happens in the middle of that 2 a.m. feed when you can barely keep your eyes open and you're wondering if you will ever sleep again, but then your baby locks eyes with you and smiles for the first time.

It happens when you're about to take that first sip of your hot tea and your baby wakes up after the shortest nap in the history of time and calls out "Mama" with great anticipation.

It happens when you're changing a nappy that you literally just changed and your baby rolls over and giggles at you.

It happens when your home is riddled with unfinished chores and your baby has just fallen asleep on your chest. You look down at that precious bundle who is soothed only by the beat of your heart and the warmth of your body, and you're filled with all the reassurance a mum could possibly need.

This journey is not for the faint-hearted. Just keep going... the fulfilment you desire will present itself to you when you least expect it, topping up your cup for another day, reminding you that you can in fact do it.

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