What's all the fuss about an in-home newborn lifestyle session? by Perth newborn photographer, Sarah Ross

When my first son was born the first few months were a haze. He was a terrible sleeper, he struggled to feed, I was pumping around the clock and to add fuel to the fire, quite literally, it was the middle of summer. I really wasn't coping well and I was definitely a shoo in for the lead role in “Mumzilla”. In fact, I’m pretty sure my mother, who flew over from South Africa to help us out, not only reconsidered changing her return flight to WAY sooner than it was, but also put all thoughts of future visits on the back burner.

I hadn’t yet found my passion for photography, and in-home lifestyle sessions weren’t really a thing back then. The thought of bringing someone into my home to document that crazy person that I’d become couldn’t have been furthest from my mind. I did get some beautiful photos taken of us all in a local park when he was about 6 weeks old; they were so lovely and I am so glad I pushed through the panic and stress to at least hire a professional… BUT, I’ll tell you what, even at 6 weeks postpartum, I still did not have my $%&@ together. Getting out of the house for that shoot required more preparation than a royal wedding.

Moving on 3 years later when my second son was born. I was well into my photography and motherhood journeys and knew exactly what I wanted, Regardless of whether or not the first few weeks were going to be the same $%&# fest that they were the first time around, an in-home lifestyle session was locked and loaded well before his due date.

There couldn’t have been anything more real and “us” than what we put out there to be documented that day. I went about my morning trying to prepare my breakfast one handed with my clingy newborn safely snuggled in my arms. My then 3 year old was up on the kitchen bench breaking eggs into yolky pools on every surface except the mixing bowl. All the while my newest addition screamed his head off in the rocker the moment I tried to take my first bite. Oh... and don't forget the dear, cherished moments with my mom, once again by my side (against her better judgement I’m sure).

You’re gonna want to remember the details coz I’m telling you now… you’re not going to remember It.

That nursery you spent endless hours mood boarding on Pinterest. That Aldi rocking chair that you camped outside for and bulldozed all who got in your way just to get your hands on. That antique bassinet that you’ve had in your family for generations, or if you’re up for documenting how baby number five slept in a laundry basket in the walk-in-robe, then so be it. Whatever your reality is, that’s what you will want to see years down the line. That’s what your kids will want to see; insight into the lives they were too young to remember.

Although second time around I was a lot less panicked and stressed, life with a newborn was still crazy. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to have memories captured of life exactly how it was back then; where we lived, his nursery, our kitchen shenanigans, our 2 fur-babies. So real, so us, so crazy.

So, after reading that, if you're still not convinced you should be considering an in-home newborn lifestyle session... I genuinely take my hat off to you!! You're clearly coping a lot better than I did.


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