No Child is alike and I wasn't prepared | by Perth lifestyle photographer, Sarah Ross

Baby Ross 2.0. Similar structural features, same hardware… completely different user interface; instruction manual also MIA!

Oh how different my two boys are to each other. How can two little creatures, derived from the same batch of embryos (IVF babies), born 3 years apart and raised by the same two almost clueless parents, be so beautifully different.

It is simply incredible how early on these amazing little things develop their personalities. My first born, Blake, showed signs of his docile, sensitive, careful nature right from the get go. When it was time to crawl, unless enticed with a trail of Cheerio’s, this kid just didn’t see the point; and even then it was more of a slug impersonation than the standard hands and knees kind of thing. 3.5 years on and he still will not voluntarily get on a swing in the park, has never tried the flying fox and won’t entertain the idea of a slide higher than about 1.5m. To my amazement he does now climb the rope ladder and when last we had a little park play together I attempted said ladder, with the intention of delivering my Oscar winning performance of bleeding fear, but exuding bravery and coming out triumphant in the end. What a joke! I was legit panicking. After climbing two rope rungs I instantly regretted my decision but knew the importance of following through as a life lesson to my cautious 3 year old. I marginally digress! The point in that was that my sweet, empathetic little boy stood at the top of the ladder encouraging me the whole way. My panic soon turned to pride as I embraced my new found fear to the uplifting melody of “you’re doing it mommy!”, “Good job” and “you’re nearly there mommy!” The enthusiastic high 5 (and the feel of somewhat solid ground under my feet) was so heart warming; as were the intermittent surges of 1000 volts of static electricity that ran through my body during my decent to the ground encased in the plastic tunnel slide.

Enter baby number 2, Liam, (who was 9 months old when I wrote this). He is a cheeky little go-getter this one. Now that he’s crawling (the traditional way) there is no area unturned in the path of his destruction. I wasn’t prepared for this after my experience with number 1. Today, while enjoying a brief moment away from retying my shoe laces after he’s undone them for the 40th time, I became aware of an unfamiliar sound coming from his general direction. I initially ignored it, relishing in the fact I was getting something done for a change. It eventually got the better of me and I peered over to the living room to find he had ejected my husbands prized soccer game from the Playstation and had been washing the tv cabinet glass doors… shiny side down. Containment devices have been rendered virtually useless, and baby wearing lasts a mere few minutes before he’s kicking and stretching to be set free. Daily I’m confronted by his cheeky grin and wicked sense of humour, as well as a trail of toys and obstacles outlining his historical whereabouts. A stern “No!” is simply the trigger word for a giggle and attempts to call him away from danger simply send him scurrying off even faster in its direction. I cannot wait to see what crazy adventures this little mite will take us on. Bring on the fully fenced parks I say!

I’m sure we will find the right skills to nurture Liam’s outgoing personality just as I feel we (mostly) did with Blake’s tender, sensitive nature. We’ve had to find a happy medium between pushing Blake when he needed to be pushed, and letting him lay low when he needed it. We’ll now have to learn when to let this little firecracker run a muck and when to pull in the reigns.

Liam thinks that Blake is simply the bee’s knees and I have no doubt that over the years Blake will become the salt to Liam’s tequila and Liam the fire to Blake’s marshmallows. Always better together.


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