I'm a serial over thinker and more than anything else, I'm a chronic decision procrastinator. In fact, decisions cripple me. I can have a hundred great ideas but never execute any one of them... simply due to indecision.

Insert business name change here.

I cannot tell you how long this decision has been on the cards. "Arcturus Road Photography" was one of those classic, new to the business world errors that I regretted the moment I made something of myself and my craft.

"What's your email address?" and "what is your website?" were questions that sent me down regret boulevard... and I have travelled that road daily for a number of years now. Note to new businesses... I get it; it's lovely and super special and all, to choose a name that means something to you. But for the love of all things simple... if it's hard to pronounce, or hard to spell, DO NOT DO IT!

Well, it's time for me to put my big girl pants on.

Time for me to embrace the fact that I am my photography business.

Time for me to stop waiting until everything is perfect and just make a damn decision!

I present to you...

It's still the same old me, the same beautiful light and airy, emotion filled family photography... just with a name that's easy to remember. Hopefully now the only question I'll have to continue to answer is "is that with an 'H' or without. Jeff, Geoff, Shaun, Sean, Shawn, Stewart, Stuart, Steven, Stephan, Jill and Gill... I know you feel me!

Anyway... that's all from me for now!

x Sarah x (with an 'h')